Monday, November 13, 2006

A Roaring Sussex, I Mean Success

So we went to Petworth at the weekend and it was really relaxing. This is the view from my parents' kitchen. You could enjoy that for a while, no? We took The Scrap out on his bike on Saturday afternoon and he had a great time paddling away until he did the indecent thing and fell off the narrow path and tumbled head first into a muddy ravine full of stinging nettles. Literally, ouch.

At one point he flipped over in a gruesome somersault, but I chucked myself down and pulled him out. Perhaps I'm making this all sound a bit more dramatic than it was, but it did all seem a bit unecessary. Anyway, being the strong-minded little fellow he is, after a couple of minutes crying on nanna's shoulder and a bit of "Poor Scrap!" encouragement, he got right back on the bike and thrashed it up the hill, a smear of mud across his new winter coat and a tiny paw covered in stinging nettle spots were the only evidence it ever happened.

*Wipes proud tear from wrinkly dad-eyes*

And can I just say I've never really liked mince pies before - the most over-rated food item imaginable - but these ones my mum made were bloody delicious. The secret? They're cut with cranberry sauce...

Fiendishly clever, that woman.

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