Sunday, November 19, 2006

Zoo For The Price Of One

So, finally we made it to Whipsnade Zoo today. The sun shone relentlessy in a clear blue sky and we all wore winter coats for the first time in living memory.

It was J's idea. And it was a great one. She had heard about the baby giraffes and presumed, correctly, that G would put aside his dislike of zoos to see animals roaming (relatively) free in a beautiful bit of countryside. F and L and little A completed the group. A & Scrap walked around holding hands (when he wasn't thrashing around on his bike). It was that kind of day.

A sunny winter Sunday at the 'snade is just about the most perfect day out imaginable. And The Wife and I are members of London Zoo, so we can come as many bloody times as we like. Ha!

Anyway, Silvana liked the red pandas, Simon liked the bears, Scrap liked the Bobos and I liked the giraffes.

As you can see.

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