Saturday, November 18, 2006

James Bond: An Apology

I would like to apologise for my earlier remarks about the usefulness or otherwise of Casino Royale. Silvana and I went last night with J, C, A & C and it was bloody great.

Daniel Craig is the first Bond for a generation that you don't want to fall down a well and die and the film itself sidesteps all the rubbishy Bond-isms that have so scarred the last few outings (the eyebrow campery, the stupid cars, the ice palaces, the supernatural twattery) and kept it locked on a great story, well told.

I was knackered. It didn't start til 9:30 (basically my bedtime these days). The cinema was *packed*, but I walked out smiling at 11:40 having not *once* looked at my watch or wished it would hurry up. This is rare. I also remember feeling that the film tapped a stupid sort of pride in JB being very English and, somehow, very believable as a person.

See it. It is good.

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